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Giuseppe Finazzo was born in Carini, Sicily where he learned how to cook from his grandmother Genoa Rosa. One of my favorite recollections of his is how, as a young boy, he used to help his grandmother Rosa make tomato paste in large flat wooden trays up on the roof of their country house -  a slow process that would take at least two weeks. Several times throughout the day his grandmother would send him up to the roof to mix the sauce until it slowly dried out and thickened into paste. Throughout the year his family would use the paste to season their pasta, sauces, meats and risotto.
Giuseppe brought his culinary talents and traditions to the United States in 1985 to work as an apprentice to chef Rosario Mancuso. Here he learned all of the basics needed to run a kitchen in a large upscale restaurant, including how to cook using a brick oven. Over the course of many years since, Giuseppe has worked in restaurants and pizzerias throughout the PA, NJ, and NY area. Paesano's, his previous pizzeria and family restaurant in Bridgewater, NJ was voted best local pizzeria in 2006.  Via Ponte Ristorante Siciliano is his most recent venture and is a tribute to his heritage and love of simple but flavorful foods from the Mediterranean island of Sicily.
Giuseppe Finazzo is my business partner, though we have been together as a couple for almost 10 years. While my background is very different from Giuseppe's (I'm from NJ and had a career in public health), we both share a great love that includes good food. Come by and see our restaurant. Try an antipasto, taste Giuseppe's delicious homemade tomato sauce, pastas, seafood and meat entrees, or one of his specials "del giorno". Or try a gourmet pizza!
Katherine Wytovich
Via Ponte Ristorante Siciliano

Giuseppe Finazzo

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