Evening Specials

Via Ponte Specialties

Wednesday, September 19th


Oysters – BARNEGAT BAY OYSTERS (NJ – medium-sized), briny and sweet – served ice cold with traditional cocktail sauce and fresh lemon wedge Opened to Order – 3.25 each

Zuppa del Pesce – SEAFOOD SOUP with mussels, clams, calamari, plum tomatoes, potatoes, onions, carrots, celery and orzo pasta in a clear savory fish broth 12


Bistecca – VEAL CHOP or PORK CHOP lightly seasoned,
breaded and grilled, served with oven-roasted potatoes,
and fresh local green beans 30 / 22

Spezzatino – HEARTY STEW with tender morsels of beef steak, pork, celery onions, carrots, sweet bell peppers, a touch of tomato paste, fresh-dried herbs and a splash of red wine 25


Pesce alla Griglia – RED SNAPPER lightly
seasoned and grilled, served whole head and tail with a lemon, garlic, citrus and olive oil sauce 27

Pesce del Giorno – HALIBUT FILET lightly seasoned
and grilled, topped with a sun-dried tomato/basil sauce,
served with basmati rice with peas and spinach 27

Pesce Spada alla Putanesca – SWORDFISH in bite-sized nuggets sautéed with garlic, olive oil, plum tomatoes, capers, olives and a splash of white wine then gently tossed into pappardelle pasta 25