Evening Specials


Sunday, May 28th /  12PM – 8PM


Polipo – Tenderized octopus lightly seasoned and grilled,
served with grilled romaine lettuce, drizzled with a light
dressing of olive oil, lemon and balsamic vinegar 16

Zuppa del Giorno – Traditional Sicilian home-style soup
with cucuzza squash, garlic, fresh-dried herbs, Italian sausage, tomatoes and shredded carrots in a clear savory broth Pecorino-Romano cheese grated table-side Bowl – 8


Bistecca – FILET MIGNON or RIB EYE STEAK lightly
seasoned and grilled to your desired temperature, served
with sauteed broccoli rabe with garlic and olive oil, and
oven-roasted corn on the cob 29


Pesce alla Griglia – HALIBUT FILET or TUNA STEAK
lightly seasoned and grilled, served with sauteed escarole
and breaded/fried tomatoes 27

Soft Shell Crab – Two SOFT SHELL CRABS lightly
seasoned, floured and fried to a crispy golden brown, served on top of mixed field greens that are lightly dressed with olive oil, lemon and a splash of red wine vinegar 29