Nightly Specialties

Saturday, November 28th


Ostriche – Premium quality Sunberry Point, Malpeque
oysters from Prince Edward Island, Canada, medium/small
in size, slightly briny with a sweet ocean taste, served ice cold with traditional cocktail sauce and fresh lemon on
the side – OPENED TO ORDER – 2.75 each

Polipo – Tenderized octopus slow-simmered with plum tomatoes and onion, topped with fresh chopped parsley
Three per Order – 14


Bistecca – NY Strip steak OR duck breast lightly
seasoned, grilled and topped with a red wine/beef
reduction sauce, served with sweet potato wedge
and gilled zucchini 29 / 24


Pesce del Giorno – Blackfish filet (Tautog) – N. Atlantic, wild-caught long line, similar to Tilefish in texture and taste,
lightly seasoned and grilled, topped with a putanesca
sauce of plum tomatoes, garlic, capers, olives and fresh
chopped parsley, served with sauteed spinach 27

Pesce alla Griglia – Whole flounder lightly floured and
fried to a crispy golden brown, served whole head and tail,
topped with a putanesca sauce 27