Evening Specials

Tuesday, August 23rd


Panelle – Popular Sicilian street food – chick pea fritters fried to a crispy golden brown and drizzled with fig balsamic glaze, served with fresh mozzarella cheese and garnished with sweet red grapes 14

Prosciutto Melone – Cantaloupe melon wrapped
with thinly-sliced prosciutto ham, drizzled with
a basil-infused olive oil 10


Bistecca – Filet mignon lightly seasoned
and grilled to your desired temperature, served with
Grilled zucchini and oven-roasted potatoes 28


Pesce alla Fritti – Rainbow trout butterflied and all
bones removed, lightly seasoned, floured and fried
to a crispy golden brown, topped with marinara sauce
(plum tomatoes, garlic, parsley) 25

Pesce del Giorno – Swordfish steak lightly seasoned and grilled, served with a savory mixture of cous cous, garlic, spinach and carrots, a light drizzle of basil olive oil on top 28

Pesce Messinese – Bucatini pasta with sauteed tuna,
capers, olives, plum tomatoes, fresh chopped parsley, a touch of tomato paste and a splash of white wine,
topped with toasted bread crumbs 25