Evening Specials

Via Ponte Specialties

March 22nd – Thursday 4-9 PM


Zuppa del Giorno – Savory homemade CHICKEN SOUP in a clear broth with carrots, celery, onions, potatoes, parsley and pastina 7

Polipo – Tenderized OCTOPUS and ROCK SHRIMP marinated in olive oil and lemon with cherry tomatoes, onions and parsley, served with sweet and crunchy seaweed salad 16

Oysters – High Bar Harbor OYSTERS from Barnegat Light, medium in size, both sweet and briny with a clean ocean flavor, served with traditional cocktail sauce and lemon 3 each

Babbalucci – Sicilian dialect for “escargot”, these snails are hand-packed with a garlic and herb butter then sautéed with olive oil, plum tomatoes, onions and a splash of white wine Five per Order – 16


Bistecca – Boneless RIB EYE STEAK 16-18 oz. or COWBOY STEAK 32 oz. lightly seasoned and grilled to your desired temperature, drizzled with a beef and red wine reduction sauce, served with potato croquet and green beans 30 / 49

Ossobucco – Slow-simmered PORK OSSO BUCCO in a delicious light sauce with peas, carrots, potatoes, onions, plum tomatoes, fresh-dried herbs and a splash of red wine, served over yellow and wild rice 25

Carne Speciale – PORK RIBS slow-simmered, sweet and tender, in a savory tomato sauce and served with pappardelle pasta Six per Order – 22


Pesce alla Griglia – Whole BRANZINO lightly seasoned and grilled, served whole head and tail with a light sauce of lemon, olive oil, garlic and parsley 27

Pesce del Giorno – TUNA STEAK lightly seasoned and grilled to your desired temperature, served with grilled pineapple and an eggplant, scallion, diced tomato and mint medley 30