Evening Specials

Thursday, November 14th


Antipasto di Mare – CALAMARI SALAD with celery, sesame seeds, lemon, olive oil, potatoes and red bell peppers 9

Oysters – WHITE ROCK OYSTERS from the cold waters of Westport, CT, slightly briny with a sweet ocean taste, served perfectly shucked with traditional cocktail sauce and lemon on the side 4 each

Speciale – STUFFED CLAMS with bread crumbs, minced clams, onions, bell peppers and bacon Two per Order – 8

Zuppa del Giorno – MINESTRONE SOUP in a beef base with vegetables, pasta and pecorino-romano cheese grated tableside 5


Bistecca – NY STRIP STEAK (approx. 16 oz.) , lightly seasoned and grilled to your desired temperature, served with oven-roasted potatoes and green beans 29

Lasagne – LASAGNA with layered sheets of fresh pasta, seasoned ground beef, ricotta cheese, homemade tomato sauce and mozzarella
cheese – garnished with basil 19

Vitello – ROASTED VEAL RIB served with mashed potatoes and peas in a sweet gravy with tomato and a splash of red wine 29


Pesce del Giorno –SWORDFISH STEAK lightly coated with bread crumbs, grilled then topped with a sun-dried tomato/basil/garlic sauce, served with
mashed potatoes and sautéed zucchini with capers, tomatoes and fennel seeds 27

Pesce Fritto – LOBSTER CAKE with potato, parsley onions and bread crumbs fried to a crispy golden brown, served with sautéed zucchini with capers, tomatoes and fennel seed 18