Tonight’s Specialties at Via Ponte Stockton

Friday, October 31st

** Mention this on-line blog when you come in tonight and receive free dessert with purchase of any entree.


Ostiche -  Oysters from Mystic Bay, CT, medium in size,
slightly briny with a sweet ocean taste, served ice cold
with traditional cocktail sauce and fresh lemon on the side
Half Dozen – 18 

Zuppe del Giorno – Italian wedding soup made with a chicken base stock, mini-meatballs, spinach and pastina 8

Babbalucci – Sicilian dialect for “escargot”, these snails
are hand-packed with a garlic and herb butter then sauteed
with onions, plum tomatoes, a touch of tomato paste
and a splash of white wine  16


Carne del Giorno -  Tender NY Strip steak (16 oz.) lightly seasoned and grilled to your desired temperature, served
with grilled zucchini and oven-roasted potatoes 27


Pesce alla Griglia – Whole Branzino lightly
seasoned and grilled, served whole head and tail,  with
a savory lemon, garlic and olive oil sauce on the side 27

Pesce al Brodo – Tile fish, lobster, clams, prawn, mussels, and linguine pasta simmered in a savory fish and vegetable broth with just a hint of spiciness, garnished with fresh chopped parsley 27