Nightly Specialties

Saturday, August 1st


Oysters – Blue Point oysters from Rhode Island, medium in size, slightly briny with a sweet ocean taste, served ice cold
with traditional cocktail sauce and fresh lemon on the side  16

Freddo di Mare –  Two, two and two – Blue Point oysters, Little Neck clams and Stone Crab claws served ice cold with fresh lemon and traditional cocktail sauce on the side  16

Panelle –  Popular Sicilian street food – chick pea fritters
fried to a crispy golden brown, served with gorgonzola
dolce, fresh fruit and topped with fig balsamic dressing  14


Carne –  Rib eye steak (22 oz. bone in) lightly seasoned and
grilled to your desired temperature, served with a savory medley of local chanterelle mushrooms, black-eyed peas,
celery, onion, a touch of tomato paste
and a splash of vodka  33


Pesce alla Griglia –  Whole Branzino lightly seasoned and grilled, served whole head and tail, served with a light
sauce of olive oil, garlic and lemon  27

Pesce del Giorno –  Halibut filet lightly seasoned and
grilled, topped with a garlic, mint, and olive oil sauce,
served with sauteed spinach and potato/zucchini
casserole, fresh lemon on the side  27