Evening Specials

Friday, February 24th / Dinner 4PM – 9PM


Stuffed Clams – Little Neck clams stuffed with bread crumbs, crabmeat, celery, parsley and onions, baked in the brick oven, sserved with lemon wedge on the side
Six per Order – 9

Carne al Brodo – Savory pork SOUP stock with shredded pork, potatoes, onions, carrots, celery, tomatoes, orzo pasta and fresh-dried herbs Cup -5 or Bowl – 8

Oysters – Nautilus Island OYSTERS from ME, medium in size, slightly briny with a sweet ocean taste, served ice cold with traditional cocktail sauce and fresh lemon on the side Opened to Order – 3.50 each


Carne – RACK OF LAMB or FILET MIGNON lightly seasoned and grilled to your desired temperature served with oven roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts 29

Spezzatino – Savory STEW slow-simmered with mild
Italian sausage, tender morsels of rib eye steak, filet mignon, potatoes, onions, carrots, celery, a touch of tomato paste and a splash of red wine 23


Pesce alla Griglia – Whole D’ORATA lightly seasoned and grilled, served whole head and tail with a light sauce of
olive oil, garlic, fresh chopped parsley and citrus 27

Pesce del Giorno – SALMON filet or CODFISH STEAK lightly coated with bread crumbs, almonds and cajun
spice, grilled then finished in the oven, served with
asparagus – drizzled with a sun-dried tomato, olive
oil, lemon, mint and caper sauce 27